There are ten days remaining of the Big Bear Cider Mill crowdfunding campaign, as the company looks to raise £300,000 for 10% equity in its business.

The producer makes a chemical-free, natural cider, which is vegan and gluten free.

In its pitch, Big Bear says: “We love craft cider, but it’s only seasonally available and traditional in packaging and concept. Big brand cider is available all year round, but much of it is produced from concentrate so lacks depth and quality.

!Our solution — to make our own. Not easy, as it involved planting thousands of trees. Our mission was launched. From the first batch of cider five years ago, momentum grew, people loved it, and now demand outstrips supply.

“The answer — a production facility to allow us to press and blend over a million litres per annum. We plan to make quality craft cider, marketed with a strong brand appeal, and year-round supply.”

The name Big Bear is inspired by founder and managing director, Mark Hughes. Essex orchards were ripped up in the 1960s and 70s to make way for gravel pits. Mark’s team buy disused gravel pits and turn them into flourishing orchards.

• For further details, visit Crowdcube

Big Bear Cider Mill

How the finished Cider Mill will look

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