Re-introduced to the market at the end of 2016, the Taunton Cider Company has seen exceptional growth in a limited time.

The company’s range draws on the finest traditions of cider making, while also employing the latest techniques to blend its ciders down to a respectable ABV, making them sessionable thirst quenchers.

The ciders are crafted using only bittersweet heritage apple varieties, including Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Harry Masters Jerseys, all sourced from local orchards and individually celebrated by growers and pommeliers alike.

The team behind Taunton Cider are passionate about supporting British apple growers, steadily picking up the contracts being let go by the bigger names in the industry in favour of artificial concentrate.

With an 80% apple juice content — unusual in today’s cider market — yet with a modest ABV they have sought to fill a gap in the market for a full flavoured yet accessible cider.


International recognition


But don’t take their word for it. Taunton Cider has gained international recognition this year at the International Cider Challenge, considered to be one of the top cider competitions in the world, led by head judge, ciderologist Gabe Cook.

More than 300 ciders were judged independently by industry experts, both for their packaging and for their taste in a blind test. Taunton Cider took home a bronze award for its packaging, silver for its Dry, gold for its 2016 Vintage, and the prized Trophy for its Medium cider.

Taunton Cider’s range is available in 500ml bottles, 20-litre bag-in-box and 50-litre kegs from selected locations across the UK, including Oddbins and Majestic Wines.

The range comprises Original Medium (4% ABV), Original Dry (4%), 2016 Vintage (6%) and Longaller Mill Reserve (limited edition, 5%).

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  1. Really great to see such an iconic brand back on top! Fantastic company with a real passion for what they do!

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