Dorset-based Lyme Bay Winery has introduced a new range of craft ciders, named Ammonite after the famous fossils found on local beaches.

The ciders are made from the freshly-pressed juice of West Country apples in three distinct flavours: Sour Cherry, Botanicals, and Hops.

Responding to the growing appetite for sour drinks with a bit of a bite, Ammonite Sour Cherry Cider has a refreshing stiff upper lip and beautifully integrated cherry notes of almond, clove and a hint of cinnamon. It pairs well with pork and spicy Asian dishes.

For gin aficionados, Ammonite Botanical Cider displays crisp apple flavours intermingled with the traditional gin notes of juniper, angelica and coriander. The added complexity of orange and black pepper make this a multi-layered cider which stands up well alongside flavoursome dishes like pot-roasted beef with French onion gravy.

For those who veer towards beer, Ammonite Hops Cider is a dry-hopped West Country drink combining the lightly tart and tannic bite of cider with the classic American IPA hops Simcoe and Cascade. These add citrus overtones and a distinctive pine-like aroma, creating a cider which is a good partner for tempura-battered seafood and fish tacos.

All three Ammonite ciders come in 330ml brown bottles with striking labels designed by Devon-based design-house, We Are Bluesoup.

The complete range of 4% volume 330ml ciders are available from independent retailers, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores, across the UK, as well as at

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